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Rapist India?

I came across this news report a few days back..

It all started with BBC's documentary 'India's Daughter', which included interview with a convicted rapist and his lawyers. The documentary was a well laid out story except for the interview portion which gave the rapist and his lawyers a platform to justify their crime and demean Indian women. The above pictorial news is the result of that documentary which has managed to create a world opinion that India is a land of rapists!

I came across biased views and stereotyping of men and situation in our nation in international forums that I am a part of . A lot of messages on WhatsApp and Social media circulated by my desi friends didn't help the situation either.

Being a proud Indian and one who believes and practices in equality of gender, I simply had to spend time to dig out the facts and present it to you.

The news media and overzealous freedom of press activists and keyboard warriors of social media have made …

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